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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some things have come up. Financial things. Nothing's certain right now, but I'll be making some rather large adjustments within the next three weeks. It's going to be rather busy and stressful, and I'm already feeling gloomy about it all, but I know that these next few steps are going to be for the better. So I'm going to leave this rather discreet for now, and discuss it further when things get rolling along. I just needed to get that out. It's been pent up since Sunday evening. blech.

Today started off really well until I started being mopey for no good reason. I woke up at the crack of dawn to go on a bike ride with my sister, and it was really refreshing! Sometimes I really appreciate gloomy weather, especially in the fall. Unfortunately, I only appreciate this gloomy day because it's fitting nicely with my gloomy attitude. I'm not really sure what my problem is... mixture of things, I guess. Maybe I've finally come down off of my "feeling good" high I talked about last post. Oh life. Must your ups and downs affect me so? Well, okay, fine. Have it your way.

I haven't written anything since May, people...MAY! I've been too preoccupied with other...things. Good things. Lovely things. People, actually. ANYWAYS, I've been (gladly) preoccupied, but man, my imagination is really starting to shake its fist at me! It hasn't been exercised in two months and I'm afraid once I let it out for a nice stroll down Creativity Lane, it's going to explode all over the place, thus leaving me a nice mess to clean up. That, or it'll be too lazy to do anything and I'll have to prod it a good hundred times. Either way, I need to get on the ball. Anyone have any extra motivation on hand? Anyone? Rawr.

Wow, my blogs are pretty boring, no? I blame my pent up imagination. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

GIF of the Day:


Someday I will be as talented as this kid and I will apply said talents to my BLOG. XD


Emily said...

o hi libby...i do not want you to be mopey. mopey libby, while awesome, is not nearly as great as HAPPY libby. however, the mopey bug bites and it bites hard, believe it or not..i know, so my a unicorn...find a rainbow...and chew and entire bag of double bubble gumballs. i did that i have 2 was worth it

mneiderhiser said...

Heeeyyy! Thanks for the comment. I will actually be arriving back to McComb in <2 weeks. Let's haaaang ooooooooouuuuut!!!

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